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By: Preeti Vyas |

We all have been to those situations of extreme rage, terror, sadness, loneliness when we don’t trust the world. The people around us become non-existent. Their actions, their talks seems futile. Their faces feel like entities which makes us feel bad about the existing life and we want to run away. But sometimes, we are confined and forced to stay at those places by social obligation or any other compelling reasons which make us stick around. And then the rage increases and keep on increasing to a level that you cannot comprehend it. You cannot comprehend yourself and your surroundings. Everything seems to diminish. You are infuriated by the norms, by the fake conversations, by the existence of things and people around. You are sad and angry and you cannot convince yourself why?

There are many of those instances that you have felt in your life, everyone does. It’s not anything to hide or suppress or confine in you. Sometimes you need to talk if not with anyone then with yourself. Why not? You are the one who knows about everything that has happened in your life. Your values, your policies, your decisions, your perspectives and motives all are within yourself. Sometimes you need to stir it up because with times things start to settle down and your life seems diluted but actually it’s just the dormant phase of ignorance about yourself, you know! You just need to talk it through. Just to yourself. You are going to make it through.

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