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By: Breety Majumdar

Religion! A topic which I am sure will send many hurling at my neck. But before coming to religion, I would explain my point of view on the pertinent question of GOD. In this case my stand is varying between atheism and agnosticism. Sometimes I wish I had the knowledge that God existed and I could like millions put all my believe in her/him and just be cool but sometimes I feel its enough to have the believe in myself and drive and prepare myself for every fight without any dependency. Whatever be my attitude towards God, it has really nothing to do with my views on religion. I do pray sometimes when I feel very helpless and don’t know how to fight, but I am not sure whether I pray to God or to myself. But one thing I am sure of is I don’t pray to a Hindu God, or a Muslim God or any other defined form of deity. I pray so that I gather strength, bring myself back together from pieces and my prayers has nothing to do with religion. I am not even sure whether it has anything to do with God.

Coming back to religion…The evolution of religion had been as a joining force in nascent stages of human civilization. Initially the world was largely polytheist, a pagan society…gradually more organised form of human societies gave rise to monotheism or the currently surviving largest religions-Christianity, Islam, Buddhism etc. The only major pagan religion to stand the tests of time,is Hinduism, primarily because it has been more or  less secluded to the Indian subcontinent and because of its ability to peacefully coexist  with other religions(though now this biggest strength is being sidelined and it is being developed as a more militant,more selfish form of religion). However in today’s world the biggest threat to world peace are religions…religions which are used as the biggest weapons of war by the big and mighty corporate lobbies, weapon companies, and by terribly misguided sections of people.
Religion which once acted as a cement to keep societies together…has changed…though not in its teachings, but in its interpretations.

I do understand that people need religion to fall back on, as a source of strength, a believe that somewhere someone is there to hold the bridge when they cross,to bring light in darkness. We humans need to have the false sense of security to function,to live. However the same religion is today dividing human minds, their countries, the world. Somewhere it has lost its purpose, has got past its expiry date. The truth is u evolve or u perish.Religions to stay relevant should evolve,change their outlooks, be more accepting of scientific progress and most importantly let go of their fanaticism.

The over zealous religious preachers worldwide continuously spread the expired ideas, wrong interpretations and create misguided generations, who actually take up the arms without truly realizing the futility of their actions and that they are sacrificing themselves for no greater good. Its really amazing to even imagine how educated, well brought up young minds are the easiest preys. Shamefully not only these religious propagandists spread the message of violence as the rule of God but also are trying to create a highly misogynist society. Sadly all the major religions practiced today are really old, evolved in highly volatile, patriarchal societies. The intentional failure to ignore the context is what leads to the misinterpretations.

All religions speak of peace,but the truth is the path they preach for equilibrium is often laden with violence, murders and rapes. But as the human society we are more evolved now then we were thousands of years ago. So the inability of the religions to evolve is  one of the major failures of human race. If we unitedly can’t escape these shackles it will ultimately lead to our downfall. Make the religions evolve, or coin them as expired. A society can survive better without a religion than with a misguided one. Or develop a religion that suits today’s world, talks about today’s problems,guides people with practical solutions and not some old age teachings. As human civilization the time has come to have another revolution albeit a social one.

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