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By: Preeti Vyas |

Again? I remember writing last year’s wrapping story as if I wrote it the past day. And we have pulled another round around the Sun, or rather within our small world.  Life is turning too fast. Ain’t it?

We are growing at such a speed that sometimes we don’t even have a moment to look in the mirror and see the fine lines of aging while realizing the time we have traveled so far. But Decembers should be about that. Judging your year and realizing the span of your life, you have covered so far. Well, don’t be too critical or materialistic or wealth inclined, these are mere parameters, they don’t judge the better you. You should be thoughtful and open while figuring out the rubric of estimation.

Don’t go too harsh also, don’t be too lenient. Just begin from the very first day of 2017 and how it diverged your way till here. Have you had any mind-numbing experiences, or deep hearted stories or embarrassing-dramatic situations or extreme heartbreak moments in the past year? Well, make a note of that and take yourself back to the actual moment to feel, how it felt like when you were there. And then just look at yourself standing over the time, experiencing it all again. I am pretty sure you will feel it differently this time. Just make yourself aware of the perspective of yours which have changed after every passing good and bad streams of the journey till now. Don’t stop there! As now you have to ask yourself why? Because Decembers are all about wrapping up an old box you created, embedding all the stories together. Those stories in which you have played the whole past year as a protagonist.

Remember, we are always here to hear your versions. Happy Winters!

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