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By: Ayush Verma | RedPaper.in

Steven lived in the busy part of the town all his childhood, with his school merely a few blocks and ground away from his home. Walking home from school, he had to cover the length of the ground where he’d always stop to look at all the other kids donned in red and blue kits playing football. He always cheered for the red team, there was something about them or that color, that young Steven absolutely loved.

After a great deal of consideration, his father finally agreed to let him join the youth club, where Steven would don the red kit and learn to play football. His dad would urge him to pick the blue team but Steven knew what he wanted, it was always going to be the red kit. On the first day of his training, when the coach asked the kids for their preference, without missing a single heartbeat, Steven yelled, ‘RED!’

Years went by fast, Steven moved from the junior leagues to the professional league. Having received offers from both the local clubs, Steven made an easy decision by simply following his heart. At 18 years of age he made his debut for the senior team, and as long as he wore that red shirt he couldn’t be stopped. Catching the eye of all the pundits and teams across the world as he took giant strides while donning that famous red shirt.

Offers from the biggest clubs in the world couldn’t get him to put off that red shirt and move away. He was madly attached to it, he was in love with his city. Having outperformed himself each and every season, Steven was made captain of his football club. One eccentric evening in Istanbul, he led the team on to the pitch to play the biggest game of his life. They started out strong, but the team lost its shape and found themselves 3 goals down at half time, a rallying talk at halftime from the boss and Steven, lift the morale across the team.

They went out in the second half a completely different side, fighting for every loose ball and orchestrating attack after attack. And it finally paid off, from 3 goals down the team fought back to get level, with Steven scoring the first of the three goals. After extra time the match went down to penalties, the penultimate spot kick fell upon the shoulders of Steven. Slotting it past the keeper under extreme pressure, he won the European cup for his city in the most enthralling match of the century.

And in winning the cup for his city, Steven ultimately realized his love for red. In the red city of Liverpool, Steven Gerrard wrote his name in red.

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