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By: Deepanshu Chhabda | Guest Writer | RedPaper.in

Surprise, Surprise.
Now that your petty soul has come to demise.
That arrogant wolf absorbed the strength,
Howled in your ears, sold your health.
Every second, you existed,
Every path, you trolled.
It came like a shadow,
Dug a deep hole.
You trembled, you smiled.
How soothing it seemed.
Never did you know
Like a moron, you deemed.
Wrath boiled in that hollow heart.
Solitude, you ripped it apart.

Absorbed, you was.
Possessed, you are.
Stay stiff!
Let the world laugh over your scars.

Do you listen to those few?
Do you know, how blindly it grew?
Do you ask questions anymore?
Stuck in cage owned by that evil,
Sit, weep there on the floor.

Feature Image: Peter’s Patter

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