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By: Preeti Vyas | RedPaper.in

What if life is a sketch?

Wherein I can rub off parts and pieces messing up my sheet,

And can start afresh whenever I like,

Whenever I feel.


Then I will be free to draw,

Any stroke I like,

Sway my pencil around,

Swirling it across like tides.


Maybe I will draw each phase once,

Live it, own it,

And then erase it for all,

As I have seen how it feels like.


I don’t want repetitive lines,

Circles, rectangles in my sheet,

Rather I will draw free strokes,

Random curves, wherever it leads.


Maybe I will use different colors,

To make it colorful and happy,

But then I will be lost in the plethora of choices,

Which will make it too sloppy.


Then will come the dilemma of choices,

To choose the colors, to choose the strokes,

To keep things intact,

Or to lose them all.

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