Twisted Dreams |

Twisted Dreams |

By: Sharmistha De | via Write-for-RedPaper

Dreams are desires on quiet lips,

Desires are lame imbalances of mind,

Mind is uncertain at times about all,

All which are always uncertainly facts,

Facts at times are crude and bitter,

Bitter enough to be sour willingness,

Willing for non-seconding actions,

Actions which are reel for the shake of real,

Real is what I think; what if its reel?

Reeling the reactions those wants to be,

Be it impossibly possible,

Possible actions wished for: undone moulds,

Moulds to utter intense desires,

Desires walk and crawl trying to hid,

Hidden…forbidden…burning low,

Low plateaus of desires breed dreams,

Dreams are desires sitting quiet on lips.


Feature Image: Next Avenue

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