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By: Preeti Vyas | RedPaper.in

There is some unreal shine in her eyes today,

Her hair smelled unusual,

Maybe she pleated them in a way she never did,

And the gloss,

Yes that’s something out of the blue,

She never wore an eyeliner before,

Did she?


Her florals, the patterns, the tattered jeans,

All are nowhere to be seen,

She is in satin tonight,

Shimmering coral satin,

Her neckline is adorned with pearls,

Her wrist guarded by a sleek gold cuff,

The jawline just perfect,

Cutting it sharp with those features,

She sure is a beauty,

Which he sees every day,

But today she is beyond,

Beyond the borders of his imagination.

He is lost in her unusual world,

Her glamour,

Her splendor,

He struggles a bit,

But gathers his thoughts back to his mind,

Finally, with shaky hands,

He finishes off with his last stroke,

The portrait is now complete.

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