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By: Preeti Vyas | RedPaper.in

Well, how you do it?

How you manage to take it all,

The fears, the insecurities, the jumbled thoughts,

Without freaking out,

And worrying about,

The deeds we did wrong,

The money we spend outbound,

The cycles we broke,

The people we trolled.

You always smiled it all away,


You were worried sometimes,

But you always keep it to yourself,

You want to take it out in your deep voice,

But you controlled,

What made you strong?

That nothing can break you,

My world goes upside down,

And you are always there,

To fix it and turn it around

What fills you with the vast ocean of love?

And how you contain it?

You morphed it like a perennial river.



Daily, I see you sweating there,

In the field of your battle,

Which you daily fight,

To nurture us,

To buy us the fanciest cradle.

I know you always check on us,

When we sleep there in deep sleep,

You are there to pat our heads,

You are there to feel us relieved.

If it was not you, my father,

Who would have taught me to ride?

Who would have cleaned up the room before mother’s wrath rise?

Who would have taken me to those secret trips to get me ice-creams?

Who would have taught how to rise and fight for my dreams?

Who would have planted the seed of trust?

Who would have played the calm ocean in the chaos?

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