Theater of my Mind | – Poetry







By: Manimugdha Kashyap | Guest Writer |


Tick tick tock tock

Hi! Get up now! Said the clock

It’s 3a.m. time for your mind to hit the rocks

Ghastly thoughts, angst filled nodes

All setting the course for this grand episode

Of existential dread to be followed.


Hush! Hush! Hear the gush

Of the howling wind’s constant gusts

Blowing my curtains to show the stars outside

Flickering little bastards, they’ll tease me tonight.


And as I looked at them they said

Well hello! Twinkle twinkle!

Remember us boy?

We ain’t that little as you thought we were


For it’s you who’s just a tiny speck in front of us

And in the grand scheme of things

You don’t even matter

Oh you don’t believe us

Well ask your brother

For he’s now one of us..


Cries! Cries! Ever flowing from the eyes

As the scenes from that morning

Play again in the theatre of my mind

A sister’s dead eyes, a mother’s dry cries

And with hands on his forehead

The father sighed

He didn’t cry, as he kissed his son

The last goodbye

For he knew he needed to be strong

For the days to come by

But everyone knew he’s just as dead inside.


Think think! Makes me think!

What’s the point of it all

If at the end

It’s the grim reaper who wins

Duplexes, triplexes and all the prizes they store

What to make of it

For the soil will be your final home.


Vain vain! All in vain

The stars are laughing, you all don’t understand

Look! Look down! They said

It’s a factory of ever producing nothingness

All their lives, after papers they run

White stands for degrees, green stands for dollar


Tick tick tock tock!

Hi! Sleep now! Said the clock

Remember you’re also a rat

Getting ready for the race

You can’t be up for meanings to chase.

And again I gaze at the sky outside

Wondering what these twinkling stars really are

I wish in my dreams, I get to meet my brother

For he’s one of them now

For it was too soon for him to find out.


Feature Image: Saatchi Art

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