Someone |

Someone |

By Preeti Vyas |

There is this guy in the crowd,

Whom she meets daily,

He smiles with his crooked teeth,

And stumbles down the alley.

When she stands at the bus stop,

He leans over the supporting crutch,

And somehow manages to catch the bus,

The crowd stares at him as if they bear a grudge.

There is no single day,

When she fails to see him there,

In rains, in summer, in chilly snowy winds,

He struggles to catch the bus, taking him out of his snare.

She is now habitual to his face,

And his unbalanced pace,

She sometimes smiles back at him,

Sometimes, she wears a stern demeanor, unusual to her grace.

She can’t think of a reason,

What makes this man, so punctual, so keen?

To board the bus and reach his destination,

Struggling with his body, so insalubrious and lean.

Then often she switches her mind back,

To the heap of work, to her family, to her life,

She tries to compose her thoughts,

To the journey with hurdles, rife.

This chain of thoughts repeats every day,

There are new stories, new gossips, new tales,

But constant is the crooked smile of the man,

Who boards this bus every day.

Seasons passed by, so do years,

There in the same cogwheel,

She travels, she walks, she lives,

And the pictures roll as if there is some reel.

But, one fine day,

She notices something strange,

The bus-stop scene looks incomplete,

Missing are the crutches and the crooked-smile man.

Days passed by, so do seasons,

Without exchanging any smiles,

She boards the bus then,

Wondering about that man, riled.

One day she gathers her thought,

And asks people about the man,

The man who used to stand with the crutches,

The man who used to struggle to get into the bus lane.

To her surprise,

The people haven’t seen him any day.

Those who accompanied her in the bus for years,

Chuckle, as if she is telling them another tale.

They tell her,

That her tales are so unpredictable,

The characters are unique,

And the sequences are too realistic to be a fable.

The chain of thoughts repeats again,

There are new stories, new gossips, new tales,

The crooked smile of the man is replaced,

Now there is this school girl who accompanies her every day.

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