A Silent Good-bye |

A Silent Good-bye |


By: Aditi Lohana Bansal | via Write-for-RedPaper

I bid my mom goodbye this morning
Unaware of the horrendous happening
I was innocent yet ripped apart
Now Here I lie with my loved ones mourning..

I wished to be a doctor upon growing up
And my friend, she wanted to travel to the moon
We were busy with our goals and fantasies
When all our dreams shattered by our doom

There that boy Who’s crying by my side,
I ate his lunch and he shared mine
And that girl who is numb and doesn’t move,
Was the one who took my turn to slide.

I don’t know what is hatred, all I got from my mom Is love, she taught me bout peace and that its symbol was a white dove..
I wish I had a chance to tell her how much I love her and that I can’t bear her tears as I  see her from the skies above.

My pa, he used to panic on every single wound on my hand, I wonder how he will survive this
See there he lies weeping on my body
Touching my blood mixed up in sand..

I wish I had some more time to give them all the love they had brought me up with
I wish I could be the hand they would seek when they grow old and need a walking stick..

I wish I had not woken up this morning for school Oh how I wish my childhood didn’t have to drown in this hatred’s pool……

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