Silence | – Poetry
By: Preeti Vyas |


Sometimes you underestimate its presence.
Sometimes, you overlook it,
While you fake your lives around other people.
Did you ever notice it has a secret power,
Of hiding beneath your coated laughter?
Or embedding itself under those deep unnoticed smiles?


Well, I don’t think you ever noticed.
Never did I.
But don’t you often heard the sound of the silence,
Which rings your ears whenever you walk alone in the lanes,
Whenever you move towards contemplation slope taking shower,
Whenever you stare towards that infinite sky and setting sun,
Whenever you sleep on your bed and stare at your ceiling?


It’s still there when you curl around a bunch of people,
And try to feel that you belong to them,
Listen to same crazy music and dictate your false liking,
Roam around, buy stuff, imagine yourself in lives of others
And feel yourself in their bodies,
Laugh at their incomprehensible jokes,
Praise their unworthy achievements,
Compliment them in their unjust success.
It’s always there.


It’s like a hollow body which rings.
Often unnoticed.
But beware, it damages it all.
An empty wave damaging matter?
Is it even possible?
It’s an irony which often remains.
But you cannot run away
As you cannot un-hear what is unheard.
What can you do then?
The question remains.


Can you fill it with your own harmony?
Your rhythm, your words, your melody.
Maybe you can.
The smiles are not fake then,
Neither the laughter.
But it’s often difficult my friend
As before you reach there, you need to struggle
With the caves of nothingness,
Endless void and phases of oblivion.


But the path, in the end, is a strange land,
With your designed allies and imaginary friends,
You don’t need to synchronize, harmonize or match.
You just need to fill in the voids,
With your true soul in the end.

Feature Image: Life On Campus – IIT Gandhinagar

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