Round peg in a square hole | – Poetry
By: Mercy Sangma | Guest Writer |

Damned by the society for being different
They tell you to be yourselves
Yet stare with disdain
As if your mere existence
Is an abomination

They size you up by the clothes you wear
Critique when you make mistakes
A downcast, belittling as if
Epitomes of excellence they were

They wouldn’t know that you’re the one
Fearless against the whole world
To dare to be different
When everyone is the same

A ragged stone, no more than a rock
They thought of no value
These fools, they wouldn’t know
You are a gem yet undiscovered

Because all that glitters is not gold
Sometimes it’s you
A beacon of light shining in your own way
Dazzling the crowds with the light you provide
Because you are unique, one of a kind


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