Romancing White Christmas |

Romancing White Christmas |

By: Sharmistha De | via Write-for-RedPaper

The vanilla clouds knew it all as they conspire,
I walk the walk to the pines where smiling lights welcomed,
There in the crowd your scent traveled to touch my sense,
It was a busy scene somehow all were afloat to make way,
The evening clasped to wine texture,
Painting my town christmas,
I stood beneath it nervously happy and happily nervous,
As you neared I became whiter though my cheeks echoed pink,
As if to be warmed by the love in your eyes,
The breeze blew soft and cold singing prelude to moments at wait,
What else can be my gift to bliss my heart?
Your kiss underneath the red Mistletoe,
Like the sweetest wine leaving burning with desire,
Embracing you was chocolate grated mellow eggnog,
Sweet yet strong… oblivion at its best…
My closed eyes yearned to see you and open them wide,
But the frevour at heart kept holding you densely,
Somewhere they sang of the isolation moulded in solitude,
I thought what if it is a dream…
One more of my fantasy trance; marvel strove!
Spirits spritz sprinkle of sparkles smelting me into Shadow,
I unsheltered my eyes to be unequivocal…
Oh! Burlesque of blanket; in a luxurious sprawl cuddled back…
Dressed with Poinsettia passion,
Came my White Christmas!
Feature Image: We Heart It, BBC

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