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By: Priyanka Kashyap | Guest Writer


They taught me, “Try, try again. Time will bring you your reward, Try, try again.”

To quit is to lose, to quit is to bring upon shame.

But never did they tell me when to stop.

And so I kept on chasing, chasing a dream that I dreamt of one fine day.


I tired myself along the way, shut off my mind that longed for a break

Somewhere, someday priorities changed – but I kept on lugging day after day.

But here I am to tell you otherwise, a secret that I learnt so late

To quit is not to fail, to quit is not to bring upon bad name.


Quit when your only motivation is others’ praise

Quit when you no longer remember why you even joined the race

Quit when you’re losing more than you would ever gain

Quit when the only thing that’s getting you going is your fear of disdain.

Quit, oh dear, and you really should

when you no longer see the dream that you dreamt that one fine day.


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