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The liar lost his rail;

neither the mug of gum could fix it

nor the dew could help to wed.

Mob in mood to doom the tod dot of Satan.

All reviled to deliver the dam of hatred to the mad.

Now everyone keep a peek on him;

even the spoons snoops him .

Stun by the overwhelmed nuts;

The one who loves to enjoy golf, to flog,

is now just a drab equistrian with bard.

The span of sleep reduced to peels of naps.

The regal sleek with lager; now keels.

Never faced decaf, relished the desserts; is now stressed.

The one who used to snub the buns is now stealing them.

Once lee, now eel; deer trying to hide in reed.

Guns failed to protect the snug.

Rat trying to digest tar; laced by decal, begging his life.

The dog tried to yap; begging god to pay for him.

The dial laid his destiny.

Everyone refused to grab his brag, said no on his face.

No one to lap the pal; his leg, dried in gel of apathy.

The knob succumbed gracefully, everyone; the good, the bad; came to bonk, to stab; even the dab of


The wolf; got killed in the vehement flow.

The avid diva; could not take the ton,

not even the parts of strap , bat or tab, nip or pin; with him.

Now his loots are stool, maps are spam, room the moor.

No gas could have abated the sag nor the pools of sloop.

What I saw was atrocious.

The devil once lived is no more…

Though for now;

the taps which spat blood are Niagara of panacea…but how long?

Though now the good won …

but how long the zest of the noel ?…dozens of leon are lurking.

When will this raw war end?

The bud of this dub era are sempiternal…

No one can edit the tide…no tip to escape this pit…

After all there is no way to nab or ban it…

Time, time to time emit such stories to keep us on track.

Remember; even the diaper is meant to be repaid.


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