A Night to Remember |

A Night to Remember |


By: Aditi Lohana Bansal | Write-for-RedPaper

Silence, darkness, and this lonely lake..
Many memories to give, many to take!
Two souls left to explore their feelings,
And a relation lasting a lifetime to make…

An invincible aura hovers around,
The heart beats and says it all!
No trace of words, no enchantment of sounds…

The night descends and gives way to dawn,
The sun’s first rays waken up the lush green lawns.
A nightingale opens the day with her sweet melodious song..
And the souls’ thirst for togetherness, as un-quentched as ever, goes on…

Will they stay together, or part one day??
Will they hold hands forever, or just walk away??
Of all the things one shall stay come what may!
They touched each others’ bare souls, and that touch shall stay…
No matter whether their horizons are lit up with love or filled with lonely grays…..


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