That mysterious lady |

That mysterious lady |


By: Tanmoy Moulik | via Write-for-RedPaper

Those pretty pink nails. . .was all I could see.

My curious heart asked my lips. . .who is she?

Engrossed she was in a novel full of mystery.

Oh! She was reading my favorite Agatha Christie!

Surreptitiously I tried to see her face, 

But I stopped myself. . .if I am caught in case!

A nice floral frock, was all that she wore.

I was curious to know her. .  .I tried to find more!

Suddenly my eyes rested on her ring,

On it was the letter ‘J’ with little cupid’s wings.

Just then the train with a huge jerk stopped!

Her book slipped from her hands. . .on seeing her my jaw dropped!

With her sparkling eyes she looked & spoke with love so true. . .

Oh! My Jaime. . .after six long months, I’m so glad to see you!

I  grinned with delight & held her hand,

And…lovingly I brushed that golden band.

Sweetly she blushed & held my arm,

An angel she was…whom no one could harm!

As we walked to the exit way,

She told me that on Christmas day,

She bought that ring with the letter ‘J’.

So lucky I felt…no more I could say…

With a smile I viewed the huge café,

And gallantly I walked with my lovely fiancé…


Feature Image: like wonderlove

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