Mother, I miss you so | – Poetry

By: Sharmistha De | Guest Writer |







You said I was your, ‘sweetest dream come true’,
And now you’ve become my ‘sweetest dream’,
Oh Mother!
Nine months you embraced me in your womb,
Embosomed me to your soul,
It’s eight full moon that I can’t call out to you.
My wake suffocates with forbidden words,
Evenings ulutate in crowded streets,
A lonely walk in the endless void,
My heart crumples and silently pules.
Nights are darker with none to warm,
I pat myself to sleep singing your memories,
Wipe the tears, caress the forehead and get immersed
In the music of your laughter, my ears play.
Our wishes wail hidden behind time’s curtain,
Mother, why our moments ran out so fast?
Yes, my blood and twisted genes has you, but
I crave your cuddles and balmy touch…
Our songs of rain and giggles of winter,
I promise to be the fighter,
And shine smiles like you made me.
I miss everything,
Of all the way you called my name…
Oh Mother, without you life will never be the same.
Feature Image: Tommy Nelson

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