Meteor Shower | 

Meteor Shower |

Preeti Vyas |

Scrolling her news feed,
She then got around to read,
A line that said,
There will be meteor showering in the eve.

The sky is always her passion,
Apex of her dreams,
Relieving her from worldly concussion.
In her semi-conscious sleep,
She dreamt of the sky,
She dreamt of him
Those iterations got her high.

They have miles between them,
But the souls were close,
Staring at her screen in a closed chamber,
She craved for covering the distances,
But her apartment constrained.

They were talking then,
From the escape hole, that keep them intact,
He read her mind,
Her thoughts, her hidden enacts.

He asked her to secretly move inside her den.
Close your eyes,
He said,
The journey was about to begin.

She wanted a magic spell then,
And he did it fast,
Taking them to the land of their togetherness,
That was then miles far.

She felt the chills,

They moved on a count of three,
The room slowly vanished,
And they landed in the land of trees.

They were there,
On their countless nights,
That was a dreamland,
With far stretched field and fireflies.

Her urge to lay on her back,
in the grass was fulfilled,
She smiled,
Sensed shivers, till she turned nil.

The vast sky was there,
The ceiling has disappeared,
His magic was true,
She was there with him, they began to stare.

They stared the sky,
The incessant meteor fall,
The hands were clutched tight
The sky started to revolve.

The big dipper in the middle,
Below was the pole star,
His hands curling her waist,
Their happiness was beyond par.

He sent her the songs,
Those took her even deep,
To the land where they met,
Where the nights weren’t for sleep.

She felt his smell,
He felt hers,
Though they were miles apart,
The magic traveled.

Feature Image: We Heart It

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