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By: Preeti Vyas | RedPaper.in

When he heard the clock ticking,

Again and again, with each passing second
He knew something is wrong.
His mind going too dense, nullifying rest of the sounds.

The only rhythmic note,
Which his ear followed,
Is the ticking of the clock,
Which curbed his mind, swallowed his breath.

He thought about all the possibilities

Of rights and wrongs,
The wrongs always won the battle.

Making his soul appear shallow.
His mind didn’t make any sense then,

It rumbled across, jumped here and there.
Drifting away all his feelings,

Which made him feel better once.
Then he felt a sense of numbness, betrayal
Which his mind played with all its gears,
His ears kept ringing, his heart beating fast,
The memories fading, the thudding starts.


Will it last?

Maybe not.

Maybe it’s a nightmare after all.


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