Little things matter |
By: Preeti Vyas |

Let it be the small note on the wall,
Or the paper folded inside the jar,
A scribble on the board,
Or a caricature with a boat.

Let it be the smileys in the back of the rough copy,
Or a quote in the front about a new hobby,
A letter to yourself from the past,
Or a words of praise rising you to the mast.

Let it be a tattoo made in the last bench,
Or a star on the back of the neck drenched,
An engraving on the bark,
Or an art with a sharp stone in the rock dark,

Let it be a card made on your day,
Or a slip-away letter in your grays,
A sticky note hanging on the fridge,
Or piece of paper, with candles across the ring.

Little things do matter, my friend.
Then never make the starts feel like the end,
They take you far away.
From the land of blues and gray.

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