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Hearing the sweet melody,

My emotions take me away,

As I listen to the sea,

And the ocean underway.

Feeling the rippling pool tide,

I voice my harmony,

I hear the waves that glide,

They sing their song to me.

Tasting the salty air,

There was a whipping breeze,

Snapping without a care,

And whistling with great ease.

Smelling the sandy wetness,

When water meets the earth,

A seemingly relentless,

Undercurrent birth.

I hear, I feel, I taste, I smell,

This great big ocean true.

It is an endless water well,

Where any fish should rule.

But once again the human rules of life,

Destroy what it cannot see,

I can feel this ocean’s strife,

Can you not hear its plea?

This ocean needs humanity,

But what can we do in return?

We kill it with our insanity,

And never want to learn.

Consume not what you cannot give,

Back to this water deep,

I know this ocean wants to live,

Breathing beauty for all to keep.

Just one ocean blue,once pure,

This water brimming with rage,

We leave Poseidon with no cure,

Polluting him with no cure,

Polluting him with our garbage.

Everyone should seek the path,

Of preserving this ocean we need,

She knows a fury full of wrath,

Bow to nature and take heed.

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