Infinity To Infinity | Poetry| – Poetry
By: Preeti Vyas |


You often used to ask me,

About my days,

About how I spend the morning sun

And how I am facing the evening winds.


I will tell you all today,

But you have to be patient, my friend

Hearing me out is not simple,

As I have endless stories to tell.


You have to pay heed to details,

Details about the pace of the winds,

Particulars of those small iron rings,

The intricacies in which the world plays in.


You will hear more about the smiles,

That was spread in those strangers’ eyes,

You will hear about those delicacies of the drops,

Falling from the lady who sits in the corner and sobs.


You will hear about the squirrels,

Who frolics around and guide me sometimes,

You will also hear the cries,

Of the rushing vendors alongside.


I will not leave the stories of the old man,

Who meets me daily and greets me with open hands,

I will show you the skies, I have seen from the top of the tower,

Don’t be scared, it is an illusion that keeps you in the dark.


Remind me of those artists,

And ask questions about them,

Because I know their stories too,

And have talked to them till the end.


I will tell you about my workplace,

And the kid who comes along with his dad,

I will also reveal you the heated conversations around,

With a tinge of my perspective and zings of my own.


Don’t be impatient,

Hear it all and wait for the part,

When I will tell you about the walk,

Which took me down the park.


To the beach where I sat,

In the evening with my tracks,

I will tell you the songs too, that I sang too loud.

The birds accompanied me with their sounds.


If you will ask, I will sing it for you too,

But then you will have to wait

Till I complete the story,

Within the boundaries, it streamed.


I can tell you about the notes I take,

Maybe I can show you the scribbles I made,

But then I don’t know, whether you will get the depths,

I don’t want you to praise me superficially while staying at the crest.


Let me know when you are ready for those,

For the endless insane tales and the worldly chaos,

If you are finding the meaning of life,

I can search it for you whilst I see it through my eyes.


But you have to be patient, my friend,

It’s not an easy trail.

I walk from infinity to infinity,

To search for the answers I chase.

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