Infinities | – Poetry
By: Preeti Vyas |

When we have those arguments,
Random conflicting conversations or clashes of wits
I stick to my side and you stick to yours.

Sometimes, you say you know better about this life,
And I always wonder, can it be true?
If yes, then how? Why?

I look around, I wonder,
Haven’t I learned this life from a similar world?
With akin rains and thunders.

Is your land vaster?
Is your sky brighter?
Or your sea contains more tides?

But don’t we live in the same land?
Share the same sky,
Sitting across the sand in the approaching tides?

Then why you subdue my thoughts, my firm views
Cannot we talk intertwining the mysteries we find?
Maybe you live in a disguise where your infinities are bigger than mine.

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