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By: Mercy Sangma | Guest Writer | RedPaper.in

If walls could talk
What treasures unsealed?
Your sins and secrets
Will become revealed
No more silence
Kept between four walls
Discretion in valour
The better part calls
Not those you’ve loved
Nor them despised
Your spoken thoughts
Could be denied
Embittered feuds
So don the melting pot
And cupid’s arrows
They see all shot
They’ll revel in times
Of joyous surprise
Are privy to truths
Behind all your lies
They hear your cries
And feel your pain
To bear witness
That you’re whole again
They’ll see your world
Both night and day
While you’re at work
At rest, or at play
A proverbial ear
You cannot cork
What treasures unsealed?
If walls could talk?



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