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By: Preeti Vyas | RedPaper.in


She likes the green around,

When the sun shines, and their hue brightens the petals and the leaves,

She likes the way music streams,

Notes, chords, and those rhythmic beats,


She likes the way, a small butterfly,

Flutters her wings dry, after jumping upon the stream,

She likes the way it sounds when a car,

Passes the road, when it’s raining heavily,


She likes the tip-tap of the raindrops,

She likes the window pane all covered with fog,

She likes the waving trees,

She likes the summer greens,


She likes the way humans are given those mysteries,

To love, to praise, to feel, to live.

Singing this hymn, she repeats,

To love, to praise, to feel and live.

Feature Image: Best Of The Northwest

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