Growing Distances, Reduced Fights |
By: Ankur Shrivastava | via Write-for-RedPaper

Growing Distances, Reduced Fights |

Sometimes it was me, sometimes it was you.
Sometimes it was just the situation, neither me nor you.

Back then the eyes used to do all the magic,
For I just stood and let them correct the tragic.
Was it not ur silvery touch, after those silly fights?
That used to steal my anger, creating happy sights.

Avoiding each-other was such a natural go,
For we knew, that it was temporary because we were low.
Was it not your soft whisper, after those unmeant shouts?
That used to cut short the discussions, sweeping away our doubts.

Often we walked off saying – ‘we don’t care’,
But we were back soon, for walking 50 meters was all we could dare.
Was it not our precious silence, after those fake distances?
That used to bring us together, with unheard songs and dances.

Blissful we were, even enjoying those fights,
‘Coz now it’s neither the fights, nor those sights.
Sometimes let it be me, sometimes let it be you,
But please don’t stop to fight, and then all the distances we can sew.

Feature Image: Odyssey

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