A goodbye till we meet again | – Poetry
By: Debarati Sen | Guest Writer |

The temple bells ringing an enchanting note

A Chilly November evening, Cold hands and warms hearts

As we sat on the temple steps, the mighty Ganges kept flowing in front

The gigantic bridge afar and the canopy of blurred halogens

As you said we could steal a day midst the chaos of our weekly turmoil

Holding fingers we walked through stations

A joyous ride by the local train and those million memories all kept in memory’s lane

Your goddess in front and our folded hands in reverence, whispering prayers

We didn’t ask each other what we prayed for

Perhaps all we could ask for is this togetherness

Perhaps what we could ask for is this hapless love which could have a hopeful end

But a love that reaches no destination is purer they say

When we knew it’s a puzzled journey we still decided to walk

Through dark tracks and silent paths

We part again, may be to meet again

You say am a good friend

I say keep me alive in your mind flame then

Days without you will be difficult I know

But we someday have to part for sure

We belong to different realms but love patches us into one

Perhaps you have the ability to heal my scars

Keep your hands on my head always

That all I could ask for

Till then let the sweet nothingness between us prevail as we bid each other goodbye in an unknown land.

Feature Image: Outlook Traveller


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