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Fumes of the Underworld | RedPaper.in

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Running wild in this maze named world, I’m tiered, I am turd.

Capsizing my path, I return, to over herd.

World beneath me dies when I walk.

Fumes of this underworld chokes me, my breath’s lock.

Heaven has a sensation of darkness.

I’m surviving alone in this melancholy madness.

Demon is now out from his cage.

There he showed me his love in his rage.

Fire is uprising shall I run or be burn.

Or shall I fight should I use this cistern?

Mechanical soul inside me wants to sleep now.

Encouragingly dying asks to leave now.

Still there is moon in the sky glowing flames apart.

My days as a human should retire or discard?

I have a question “will you come for me?”

I’m waiting for you thus I’ve found my reef.

It’s burning here yet no one is ready to show their domicile.

That is why this loving world holds me his hostile.

There is an easy way, I should travel to die.

At least gods of underworld won’t lie.

Should eat that poison or should I drown.

Or should I use that knife and frown.

I know something faster way to die, I should love.

And then from there only my soul will hove.

I’m dead now, my friend I’m traveling to ground.

You throw my ashes in the air, they will astound.

The world will eat you my friend, don’t be like me.

My end was never good, it was a death that bleeds


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