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By: Preeti Vyas | RedPaper.in

Because the silences eat me, voices don’t.
Yes, I am growing, and we all are.
Growing at a rigorous rate,
Tolling far too fast.

Sometimes I can bluntly stand,
With my firm views,
Work is not eating humans, nowadays
But the gap in between, it chews.

It chews away the life, all the essence,
With its invisible jaws,
And here I sit pondering,
With my feelings subdued and the awes.  

How often do I talk to myself nowadays? Reasonably less!
And when I do then what?
I battle most of the times,
Inner chaos, leaves me depressed.

My voice seems strange to me now.
As if I am a stranger to myself.
My sense of uniqueness seems to be lost,
In the long rushing herd of unrest.

Empty rooms haunt me,
So do the silent lanes,
But then noises comes to my rescue,
Relieving me from the existential game.

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