An Escapade | – An Escapade
By: Preeti Vyas |

Let’s plan a trip together, my friend,
To a place far, far away from our land.

You know, I know a place from my dream last night
Where fishes fly in the skies and whales take a long flight.

There the skies are all about waves of tears,
And snow rests in my footstep all crystal clear.

The sun lurks from the clouds beneath,
In between the valleys, taking his long requested leave.

The winds move through the crevices in the land,
Shaking the clouds snoring beside the dunes of sand.

The trees rest upside down like a clown,
With the roots touching the high skies of water and leaves resting on the ground.

Where we enter the house on the hills jumping from above
And leave it as soon as we finish our supper before the dawn.

Where we don’t have to walk but flow with the waters,
Which takes us to different lands at every passing quarter.

And while gliding with the flow,
We see others like us enjoying the dusk’s glow.

You know this world has no wrongs or rights.
Everything is tossed up as randomly as it’s a whim of a frog’s fright.

Everything is changing there, transforming into something new,
There is not a single moment which the clocks knew.
Let’s go there my friend to forget our fears,
To do things way beyond our leagues, to live away from the whole life like dreaming deers.

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