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By: Preeti Vyas | RedPaper.in

Sometimes she thinks she is living in her dreams.
The world doesn’t seem realistic to her.
It’s like an imaginary space
Where she can meet those people,
Living far, far away,
Roam around in new places every single day.

Maybe she is dreaming too much,
Maybe she is not.
She walks towards her destination
And see familiar faces around.
The faces whom she has left
The time when she left the town.

Confused, bewildered she roams,
And she listens to the familiar sounds,
The clouds sometimes follow her,
And groans when she frowns.
She is running at some extreme pace,
Seeing the land turn around.

She rubs her eyes
As she knows, it’s a dream,
A whale comes out jumping from her bathtub,
Swiftly roaming in her ceiling,
Her fan starts rolling down,
A turning around its blade is a creepy nosy clown.

The roads move around
As fierce large waves,
Its takes her to the school,
Without the classes but caves,
The flowers in the wine come to her and speak out loud,
The voices she is hearing is real and she thinks, she should have found,

The glory of the forts and fountains,
In her backyard and in the tents,
How can a small cloth hold the big structures,
She searches for the saint.
She finds none but hears a voice,
Asking her to put her head down, as dreams give you all the choice.

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