Down the Memory Lane |

Down the Memory Lane |


By: Aditi Lohana Bansal | via Write-for-RedPaper

I got back to those old places, searching among the crowd some familiar faces.
Finding myself all lost and alone, Couldn’t sink in the thought that this was my second home.

Sort the roads, houses n the empty stairs, which we once used to fill with joyous fairs..
But being together, celebrating li’l things had now become dreamy affairs…

The coffee shop, the book store and the solitary street,
All lost their charm and now sing a melancholy to greet..

I wish I had a time machine to travel back in time,
To relive that lovely melodious rhyme..

To say the words unsaid, to fulfill abandoned dreams,
To meet the ones now all busy with their lives, But how impossible it all seems!

Don’t be low, if u too wanted to b there but can’t,
for the cold winters have frozen the souls, the warmth all slant…

I will hail your name, and call you in my dream,
Together hand in hand we will walk against the stream…

Will walk in the nostalgic rain, feel the joys, sorrows and even the pain.
You ink my heart with your love and I will seal yours with the same…

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