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By: Deepanshu Chhabda | Guest Writer |

Can we be simple again?
Entangled, Enchanted, Enriched.
Can you convert the annoyance to silliness?
Can your new stories bring tears in another way?
Can we open new doors to the older us?

Don’t you have guts to embrace the change?
Don’t you expect too much from us?
Don’t we always take the right option?
Don’t you know that we’re on the cliff?

I know that we made it alright.
I know that we were filled with pride.
I know that I’m an incompetent soul.
I know that you’re not convinced at all.

Time, Simple, Convinced?
What exactly do you want?
Your words have their worlds poles apart.
If time is the thing, Simple will not be with us.
The world doesn’t work on your rules.

Right, are you?
Just look back on the path, we had our days.
This ‘unrealistic world’ was actually our way.
You’re right only when you say people change.
Your cliff is actually a journey I expected from us.

Back then!
I remember the older you struggled with simple things.
You couldn’t even manage the gentle ditches.
Why do you fight for such weakened soul?
Oh yes! I’m not convinced at all.

Older me
I didn’t struggle for us.
Our worlds were different.
But now when they’re same.
I fear that we’ve changed.

Walk away then!
The conversation will get over.

We’ll rewrite this again.

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