Childhood |

Childhood |

By: Preeti Vyas |

Don’t you feel like living it again? 

To run across the streets, race around the field’s length, bare feet,
To have those dust clad skin, smelling like earth,
To do random stunts on your oversized bike,
To get those bruises on your knees and your elbows,
To have those friends who scream out your name in those altered forms which turns you angry red,
To have those fights on chances to get hold of the bat after long fielding hours,
To bully the big tummy, to tame the meek and submissive,
To have the strongest bond while negotiating with the nasty neighbor getting back the flying shot ball.
To share your chocolates with the best friend and shoo the rest off your bite,
To jump in the puddles knowingly when you have the best clothes on,
To compete with siblings while having food, and teasing them after completing yours,
To seek shelter on your grandmother’s side after implementing long-planned mischiefs,
To try those arcade stunts on you younger ones and feel like the king of the ring,
To cry out as loud as you can,
To laugh beyond the bounds,
To scream putting all your strength to get your whims resolved,
To dance like madmen,
To demand like maniacs,
To sleep anywhere you feel like,
To wake up and run towards the door’s slide,
To fall and rise,
To live and die,
In the games you have created by yourself, the world where you can play characters whatever you feel like,
To get loved and never judged,
To hear your inside calls and just live without chaos and those external altering sounds.

Isn’t it weighing you down?

Feature Image: Twitter (Kicks & Giggles)

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