An Eternal Bond | – Poetry
By: Preeti Vyas |


Dimming lights,

Faded scenes,

She knows,

She is forgetting it all slowly,


Moments are like flash cards to her,

Which are flying with the storm,

She can only catch a few,

She is tired of the winds.


She is trying to remember the faces,

Which are slowly fading away,

She knows the person standing in front of her,

But her memory didn’t seem to be a good friend as of now.


She is drifting away with the winds,

Which is swirling around her head,

Making her feel dizzy and weak,

But she is trying to fight, taking the lead.


Her body is trying hard to catch up,

With her spirits but it cannot,

As it’s a hollow withered shell,

Degraded with years which passed on.


But she hasn’t lost till now,

The game is still on,

She has a companion,

Which covers it all.


For they forget and remember things,

But not each other,

For years they shared their insanities then why not this?

Their game of forgetting and remembering never cease.


Feature Image: Odyssey

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