Amassed Assembly |
By: Preeti Vyas |


Assembled parts by parts,
Meticulously ornamented from bottom to top.
With the tips of the finger nails,
To the curves of the hairline, sharp.

All planned and processed together,
With different others, and a few similar,
Some having varied traits, varied colors, varied shapes.
Carved and filed with the crude matter.

Humor, anger, love, passion,
All measured, poured in the vessel altogether.
Somewhere more,
Somewhere a little lesser.

Oh, what a work of art!
Imposed upon me though.
Manufacturing similar bodies,
Infusing them different souls.

Decorating all in the display
In a row, presenting the best at the front,
The wooden idol carver wonders,
Is God any different?

Feature Image: Telangana Today

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