A Magical Journey |
By: Sudipta Bhattacharya | Write-For-RedPaper


Once upon a time, there was an orphaned fellow,

Whose tales of adventure will make you cheer and bellow.

Treated by a doormat by his uncle and aunt,

He was left with no choice but to groan and grunt.

When taken to a zoo once, he discovers that he can talk

With snakes that too with ease!

The knowledge of his magical ability makes his guardians worry,

And they fill the boy’s life with woe and misery.

Then all of a sudden a letter comes his way –

That adds a surprise to an otherwise very plain day.

However, the letter, he is not allowed to see,

For his uncle reverses his small moment of glee.

So the boy’s life continues to be like hell,

‘Cause with his galling uncle and aunt he has to dwell.

Soon his birthday arrives, but there’s no one to wish,

But suddenly a sound could be heard –

Like a thump and swish.

A giant man is seen – like the ones in folklore,

Having arrived at their house, breaking through the door.

The man introduces himself,

As one from the magical world,

And tells the boy that he is a wizard –

Leaving him startled.

The man enlightens the boy about his parents’ death,

And how he got that nasty scar on his forehead.

So the boy travelled with the man to a magical world so cool,

And was admitted to attend a marvelous magic school.

Arriving at the school, the boy made great new friends –

A red-headed lad and a girl whose knowledge knew no ends.

The boy was sorted in the house of the courageous and the brave,

A house reputed for brilliant wizards, in the past that it gave.

And so the boy and his friends’ trilling adventures began,

Which would surpass the wildest imagination of an ordinary man.

As years passed by, with the tales of this boy we whirled,

As with his selflessness and fortitude he went on to become –

One of the greatest wizards of the wizarding world.

With the ceaseless support of his friends and guidance of his mentor,

The boy defeated the darkest wizard of the time – Lord Voldermort!


The epic tale of this boy taught us many lessons – big and small,

How love and friendship are the most powerful forces of all.

So listen ye potterheads, the boy is no other,

But our own, the boy who lived – HARRY POTTER.

Now as the story has completed twenty years,

We all rejoice with both – joy and tears.

For there hasn’t been a story told better,

We potterheads admit in unison, we are –

Still waiting for our Hogwarts Letter!

Feature Image: Harry Potter Wiki

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