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Long long ago in a distant land,

There lived a girl with a perfect plan!

With a prince charming and a brilliant future,

She was guarded well against life’s every torture.

Pages turned and everything you know

Went against her and turned happiness to woe!

Prince charming did betray,

And once the scintillating future, was all black and grey.

When everything fell apart in life

She grabbed herself, stood straight and did survive!

“No one controls my existence

I’ll prove my worth with hard work and persistence!”

Once a princess at home and a pampered child

She was forced to live a life out in wild!

Worked hard day in and day out

To get an identity she was left without

“As you sow, so shall you reap”

With this in mind she took a giant leap!

Once a girl protected and shy

Took over the world and you may ask why!

There was someone, a real charmer,

Was he her shining knight in armour?

With continuous care and motivation,

He soon became her single most inspiration!

As towards success her horses drew

He was the one, she denied, but her heart knew!

Because of her many wounds in the past

She didn’t want to get anywhere so fast!

Soon she achieved what she desired,

But she was not happy as she aspired!

She did achieve all the glory and her goal,

But deep inside her there was an empty hole!

She was in love, yes she was

But his love for her was the utmost clause!

She lost all the confidence and her might

Coz she never heard those 3 words from the knight!

She waited and waited till she lost all hope

And just when she lost everything the knight knelt down and spoke!

“Marry me!

A world with you is what I want, full with love and laughter”,

She squeaked a big YES, and what else?

From then we hear, they lived happily ever after!!

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