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I just finished reading “Sapiens” by Yuval Noah Harari. FYI, I highly recommend the book. And if my word doesn’t hold enough credibility (duh!), go through Bill Gates’ (and other influential people’s) list of the 13 books that everyone must read (

The book in a subtle manner gives trucks and trucks-full of food for thought for ones’ idle brain. The part that kept me thinking was the one about the future of Homo Sapiens. That we, equipped with our tools of technology, would in future create such being, which would be as different from us as apples are from jellyfish! Not just in terms of physique or appearances, but also in terms of emotions and thought process!

While connecting some dots in the obscure places of my mind, I came to a bizarre conclusion: What if the UFO sightings or the alien sighting are nothing but the future creatures visiting us in their Time machines (which the UFOs are, obviously!)??

Stephen Hawkings gave a party for the time travelers, by issuing the invitation after the party got over. Can someone please check the information regarding any UFO sightings, when the party was taking place? Maybe the “Future Creatures” were shy, or did not understand the concept of parties? There can be a multitude of reasons. I cannot say because they might not feel the same emotions as I do!

Another floating thought that I want to put forward, is not directly related to the above. It concerns itself with “the idea of souls”. Just a hypothesis (which I am pretty sure cannot be proved by Homo Sapiens with the current technology): What if there are only a limited number of souls? That sums up the reason for extinction of so many species on the earth! The reason is us! 7 billion and growing! Eating up the souls of every other creature that dies!

That’s all for today folks!


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