A League for Justice Nevertheless |
A League for Justice Nevertheless |


This is the week of Superheroes…One of the biggest crossovers in the history of small screen…We already have Flash on the set of Supergirl and as we know its only getting bigger in the next few days as Team Arrow and Team Legends join the ranks. All we know that the mightiest superheroes will team up against some sort of alien (read Dominators) invasion to protect the earth…now spoilers and theories are floating all around. DC fans have always wanted to see their favourite Justice League Superheroes don the masks and the capes to fight together…but Smallville till now has been the biggest showcase event on television…and before the release of the super-hyped Justice League movie this is the closest we get to have the big guys team up…so as you prepare yourself to geek out over the week we give food for thought:
  • Will we get to see Batman/ Green Lantern in the CW universe?
  • With Supergirl, Kid Flash, Artemis, Miss Martian all in the same universe are we looking at a Young Justice live action series anywhere?
  • Is TV the better medium for DC superheroes with a rather disappointing Superman v Batman, Green Lantern looming in recent past?
  • Which DC superhero should have his/ her own TV series now?
So earthlings say what you have to say here or the comment section below and keep an eye on the television and streaming sites for the Hall of Justice… 😀
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