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Worries denied | RedPaper.in


Worries denied | RedPaper.in

By Sharmistha De via Write-For-RedPaper

Lessons learnt long and afar,
Loved love the most I can utter,
Cherished loneliness like blessings priceless,
Visionary vent outs to ease the restless within,
Started from the brim and reached where it began…
Just to know I Desired you: Throughout!
My way…drew a circle with tangible emotions,
Standing at your door-way looking at marching times,
You read my silence and know what’s coming,
Why can’t I be certain that you’ll not merge out…
Strong yet skeptical: hate that vibrations in head,
I rather trade my smiles to make you smile,
I will bet on my breathe to dive deep in you,
If this is true: Why the drums beat in the wild lone woods?
Glowing in your love like the arching rays of mellowed sun in the heart of dusk,
You know am scared…of the unknown,
Wonder what color my persistence will paint?
Pulses put up a marathon of missed beats,
Never knew when the first drop slipped those brimming shores,
Shores where I willingly drowned smiling,
My sight with light and shades mended,
Rushing through a storm of words; happens seldom now,
Harboring my storms in you; paradox you call it may,
Hold me tight as I exfoliate to you…
Just to know there is no End!

Feature image: The Indian Express

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