The World Didn’t Know |
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The World Didn’t Know |

As she walked ahead with pride and confidence,

But the world didn’t know

The sorrow behind her smile,

The tear in her eyes!

The cry behind her silence,

The passivity in her violence!

The pain in her heart,

The fear of being apart!

The weaknesses in her strengths,

The ownership in her rents!

The failure behind her success,

The story behind her lushes!

The negligence behind her trust,

The desperation in her lust!

The incompleteness in her perfection,

The feeling of rejection!

The madness behind her intellect,

The trap of her anklets!

The anxiety behind her calmness,

The light within her darkness!

The loneliness in the crowd,

The restrictions of not letting herself out!

The innocence in her maturity,

The beauty of her serenity!

The love behind her anger,

The care in her temper!

The defeat before her win,

The sacredness of her sins!

The secrets of her past,

The happiness that didn’t last!

The truth in her lies,

The infliction of being wise!

The freedom of her thought,

The battle she independently fought!

The shallowness of her depth,

The worth of her breath!

The frigidity in her enthusiasm,

The connotation of her sarcasm!

The fall behind her grow,

The YES in her NO!!

And she walked ahead with pride and confidence,

But she knew that the world didn’t know!!!

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