Vegetarianism: A necessity than a choice!

Soumya Saxena

Let me put it straight: I am not a vegetarian! I have always eaten meat, I don’t even remember since when I started eating it. It has been staple to my diet and also I am one of those who think that vegetarians are definitely missing out on something delicious. Not to mention, I am also the one who thinks that nature has made human omnivorous, so vegetarianism cannot really be a religious or moral virtue.

veg1A year before I joined gym and started working out, as a principle, the entire focus was on consuming more and more protein and thus I went on this spree of eating meat and chicken. Breakfast, lunch and dinner! There came a point where I could no longer eat, so I decided to quit it for a few weeks in order to detox my system. However non vegetarian food being a regular to my diet I resumed having it after few weeks. But this time, to my surprise, it just left me feeling utterly disgusted. This was new, I never felt like this before. I evaluated a lot to conclude that over the last ten years my consumption of eating meat had risen exponentially. Earlier as a teenager, I remember eating non vegetarian food once a week and that too organic. Now with the frequent dine-outs, easy availability of processed/unprocessed meat products in supermarkets, the consumption became a daily affair. I always preferred a non vegetarian meal anytime and every time as if eating vegetarian food was a sin. The videos and links which claim the negative effects of over consumption of meat on environment and health had no effect on me.

However, the recent experience of giving up meat and eating again, got me taking those links and facts seriously. Notmeat1 going into much detail, I realized that all the meat we eat is artificially generated; chicken, goats and sheep are all fed on hormones to become fat, animal cruelty has reached its epitome, where humans are treating animals like they really have no life. Vegetarianism today has become a necessity. A necessity to end this industry which not just sell us plastic but also treat animals inhumanly. If you don’t believe you can check out this link which explains how meat industry hampers our environment on daily basis.

I cannot say that people must turn vegetarians, it is an unsustainable thought. It is hard for me too to turn into a 100% vegetarian. To start with, I have resolved to reduce my consumption of meat by 95% and have it on special occasions or situations. If I eat, I must eat organic. I have completely stopped buying non vegetarians meals from international fast food chains like Mc Donald’s, KFC and the likes (how they get their supply of meat is a scandal and example of animal cruelty in itself).

Think about it! Evaluate your consumption of meat and the source where you get it from, and also how animals have been kept and mistreated before they reached your platter. I am not trying to play the emotional game to stir anyone’s conscience to give up meat. It is rather an effort to make ourselves aware of the heinous industry which exists and how can we help make it better and humane. If people resolve to consume less and consume organic, we can take a step towards reducing the burden which meat industry has created on our planet earth. I am trying and you all should too.

All the Best :)

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