Time is Relative and Your Fear is Real|

Pallavi Saxena | Guest Writer |

Time is relative. But why? The answer depends on which lens do you want to see it from. The objective or the subjective. Yes, the ‘Brief History of Time’ gives a deep insight into to gravitational notion of time’s relativity. But do we want to burden our minds with that? Especially when we have just taken a break from all the heaviness around us, so that we could browse through this website peacefully! Moreover, does Mr. Hawking enlighten us on why time moves differently for different people living on a same piece of land with the same gravitational acceleration of 9.8m/s2?

Subjectivity is the mother of all arguments. Now, not digressing too far away from the topic, I would like to narrate my understanding of time’s relativity.

One morning, Rip Van Winkle woke up to find out that he had been sleeping for the past 20 years; You promise to scroll through your Facebook feed for just 5mins, and before you realize you have already wasted an hour on that (blame your peers and their ‘interesting’ lives for that matter!). On the other hand, attend a boring lecture, and a minute feels like an hour. Have you noticed, that in any ‘critically acclaimed’ movie, the happy parts just whizz by, while the sad parts are mainly what the movie shows? Can there be a single expression as to why does it happen? Is there?

It is FEAR.

When Rip Van Winkle went to the mountain where he slept off, he was running away from his nagging wife. He ignored his estates, which were now crumbling. The sleep provided him a respite from the fear of facing the reality. Same is the case with your Facebook feed. It is a respite from the reality, from the uncertainty of life. A break from writing that atrocious assignment, or preparing for the exam, or even getting up to just prepare dinner.

When you are happy, time flies, as you do not have to make any effort to make that moment pass. But when you are sad, when you are tired or shaken, when you have to work hard, when you have to accomplish that task which will plan the course of your life, every second will count, time slows down. You can run from it, take a break and make the time run like happier times, but that would just be acting like an ostrich faced by a hunter. The hunter will find you irrespective of whether you can find him or not.

Someone said, your fear defines the gravity of your act in your life. Time moves at the same pace as the science suggests. But this gravity, your inner gravity, makes it relative. Your fear makes all the difference. So, what then? Then, do not fear anything but the fear itself. Have to write that SOP, do it right now; have to call that monstrous client, do it right away! The distance between your thought and your action is the fear. Remove the distance! Stop procrastinating, and become the master of your time.


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