The Screen |

The Screen |

Preeti Vyas |


The heated dinner on the table, the aroma of familiar spices covering the hall,

She sits there staring on her screen dimming and then rising on,


How hard she tries to converge her thoughts, to the matter she has to read,

But her unshackled mind travels across the globe where it really is,

Compiling her data she begins,

But this time the sleep takes her in his hands,


The late night texts still roam in her mind,

She grabs the food, searching for her shrine,


She is up for good and she knows it right,

Still sometimes the strange shiver succumbs her, awakening her frights,


She is one if the those in the town who have big dreams,

That she kneaded from childhood which she now breeds,


The computer screen then flickers,

She knew her instincts that she has done,

The code of her life,

That just got synced with the time to run.

Feature Image: Daily Mail

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