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The Happiness Mantra | RedPaper.in


By: Jagat Singh Bisht | Founder, LifeSkills | via Write-for-RedPaper

Everyone wants to be happy. Here are some simple happiness mantras:
•       Every morning, do yoga and meditation – or walk and exercise.
•       During the day, smile and be kind to all.
•       In the evening, look back at 3 things that went well in the day.
•       During the week-end, spend quality time with your family and friends.
•       Engage deeply in work, studies, play, love and parenting.
•       Devote yourself to a meaningful humanitarian or social cause.
•       Take 3 deep breaths when you feel stressed.
•       Share an occasional ice-cream or chocolate with a child.
•       Be happy and make others happy.

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