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The Road Less Traveled: Episode 2 – Varun

Varun NamdevIf I ever have to, I will switch my life with Sunita Williams or any astronaut who is traveling to space, an explorer’s paradise. Life of passion is always about the right motivation, the right advice.

And the only advice that led me so far is, “Have faith in yourself, be courageous to take chances, Leave your comfort zone and follow your heart. You might fail sometime but that failure will be an experience and much better than any regret”. Do you remember Thomas Alva Edison??? Lage raho, Bulb zaroor jalega. If you consider me a successful individual then the only advice I will have is ‘Don’t quit’.

It’s incredibly important that a person can sustain his passion. More often than not we run into practical issues while pursuing our adventure. Traveling is still my hobby, and Photography is my passion. So for my bread and butter I do freelance wedding, events and product photography. In order to capture the best of moments, I make it a point to get into the mood of the occasion, usually by developing a friendly relationship with the clients. It is my pride to claim that each of my captured photos narrates a different story and that is what sets me apart from the rest of my contemporaries. On a brighter note, I am looking forward to many more offers in the days to come.

An individual who wants to follow his heart and dreams can be made to stumble by external forces but can only be stopped by himself. So try to live your life the way you feel is worth it.


So what are you waiting for? Don’t confine photography just as a hobby, if you are passionate about it, you can definitely succeed in making it a profession and what’s better than earning while enjoying!

If you are inspired by the story and want to approach Varun or go through his incredible work, following are his social media links, he would be happy to know you! :)



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